Monday, March 14, 2011

I Love Bikes

Saturday, September 18, 2010


3D TV is so cool! 3D glasses are not so cool. Although it's very tempting to bring one this baby home, I'm gonna wait for a 3D TV without the 3D goggle to hit the market.

Note that I was able to view the TV image in 3D by pulling the glass away from my eye. It should be simple enough to build an overlay polarizing glass inches away from the 3D TV making it goggle free(?)
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Searl Effect Generator - A clean and unlimited alternative energy concept

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is a self-contained, electrical power generator concept designed to produce clean and sustainable energy. It is a magnetic prime mover that operates without friction and can supply electrical power by converting mostly ambient temperatures in electrical power with volition any laws of thermodynamics.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Elements of Investing

The Elements of Investing has a single-minded goal: to teach the principles of investing in the same pared-to-bone manner that Professor William Strunk Jr. once taught composition to students at Harvard, using his classic little book, The Elements of Style. With great daring, Ellis and Malkiel imagined their own Little Red Schoolhouse course in investing for every investor around the world-and then penned this book.
The Elements of Investing hacks away at all the overtrading and over thinking so predominant in the hyperactive thought patterns of the average investor. Malkiel and Ellis offer investors a set of simple but powerful thoughts on how to challenge Mr. Market at his own game, and win by not losing. All the need-to-know rules and investment principles can be found here.

  • Contains sound investment advice and simple principles of investing from two of the most respected individuals in the investment world
  • Burton G. Malkiel is the bestselling author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street and Charles D. Ellis is the bestselling author of Winning the Loser's Game
  • Shows how to deal with an investor's own worst enemies: fear and greed
A disciplined approach to investing, complemented by conviction, is all you need to succeed. This timely guide will help you develop these skills and make the most of your time in today's market.
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Top 10 Reasons For Entrepreneurial Success

"You're The Boss" blog of what he believes are the most important success factors in business:
1. Look for opportunities to do something better than just about everyone else.
2. Accept risk as a necessary evil. It makes for much less competition.
3. Act responsibly to customers, employees and vendors.
4. Goals aren't enough. You need a plan. You need to execute the plan.
5. You need to fix the plan as you go. Learn from your mistakes. Most people don't.
6. Do not reinvent the wheel. Learn from others — join a business group.
7. Make sure the math works. I know plenty of people who work hard and follow their passion but the math doesn't work. If the math doesn't work, neither does the business.
8. Make sure that every employee understands and works toward the mission.
9. There are going to difficult times and you need to be resilient; whining is a waste of time.
10. There will be sacrifices. Work to find a balance so that you don't become a financially successful loser. It's not about the income, it's about the outcome.
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